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Daily Guidance

Daily Guidance

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016: Ten of Swords/Air

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Ten of Swords

Remember that failure does not mean that you are worthless or can’t do it. You might have some events today not go as planned.

Though it is disappointing, it will uncover a hidden betrayal or sense of powerlessness. Remind yourself that darkness fades when the light shines with in.

Guanyin comes to you with Sunflowers. Allow for the light of the sun to come into your energy and rejuvenate you. Remember that you can choose to be a victim.

Ten of Air

It’s finally time to exhale. A rough situation is concluding.

As with every situation, it’s important to acknowledge the change that results.

Now, regain your balance and centeredness shifting your focus to things getting better.

In times of stress with increased demands and pressure, we often find an addiction. It can be eating, television, obsessively meditating, or drugs and alcohol.

Rather than continuing to fill the void, it’s time to recognize the root issue and begin healing.

Archangel Gabriel, meaning “the strength of God,” is your confidant today. Undergirding your efforts and assisting you with all the energies necessary to dig deep to a new self-awareness that will allow for overall life transformation.

Call on your guides, loved ones and master teachers in Spirit for strength as you strip away the no longer necessary and lighten your load.

Today is Ancestor Appreciation Day!

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